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  Custom Control Library  
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Rod Stephens
$39.99, 576 pages, 1998
Wiley Computer Publishing
ISBN 0-471-24267-5
Paperback with CD

101 custom controls ready to plug into any program. This book contains instructions for installing and using the controls with Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++ Builder, VBScript, JavaScript, Visual J++, Java, and Delphi. The CD-ROM contains everything you need to modify the 101 controls and to build new controls of your own. It even includes a working copy of Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition (CCE).


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Small Computer Book Club Alternate Selection.
Library of Computer and Information Sciences Alternate Selection.

Readers Say

Burt Abreu
A great VB book that you'll want to add to your library...
Excellent book on ActiveX creation. The 101 controls included on the CD alone justify the price, not to mention that they all come with source code so that they can be extended. As an added bonus you'll not only learn about creating ActiveX; the controls included cover topics like image processing, data display and manipulation, buttons, text manipulation and much more. While not a book for the complete novice, this book is something I think you'll want to add to your library; if I could have I would have given this a 20 instead of a 10!

A reader from Atlanta, GA
Well worth Double the Price!!!!
This book is well worth the price just for the executable controls you get. The source code is even included. All controls are explained in great detail and even suggestions for enhancing them are included. Most of the controls mimic commerically available controls costing hundreds of dollars each. And with this book and cd-rom, you can even change the way they work without having to wait on a vendor to add the functionality for you!


  Custom Control Library  
Overview Table of Contents Updates
Sample Text Wiley Save 15%

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