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These are brief tips and tricks that can make Visual Basic programming easier.
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Open Web Links in Another Browser
(By Ali Nasir)

Another way to stay on a page during surfing the search results page is to open two browser windows, make them display side by side. In one window open your main web page and use the other to display links by draging links from main page to the links page as and when required.

Open Web Links in a New Window
(By Norm LaBine)

When you've got a page full of cross-referenced links to sites or pictures (except those that are ("javascript,0")), its right click on a link and select the Open in New Window command. Then you can use the source window immediately rather than waiting to have it refresh or maybe even lose the connection to a "Server-Too-Busy" message.

I often get lost when I go to Microsoft's MSDN site. I perform a search, follow a link, follow one of its See Alsos, follow another link, and then pretty soon I can't find my way back to the search results. If I use this technique to open the search results in a new window, it's no problem.

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