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  Tip: Backup Outlook Express rules  

By Ariel Canievsky.

[Background: Outlook Express lets you create rules for managing incoming mail and news. For example, I have 9 spam filters that send messages from specific users or containing specific keywords straight to the trash. -- Rod]

If you have made rules for your Outlook Express and want to export to other PC or make a backup, you have to meet the Registry.

Go to Run in the Start Menu, click Run and then type "Regedit".

Then, look for the folder into HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{id number}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\[ver. number] and click on the "folder" Rules. Go to the menu Registry/Export and save the file.

To load then your rules, you only have to double click the icon of the file you've made, with the extension ".REG".

Note that editing the registry can be dangerous. If you mess the registry entries up, you can make your system unbootable. Be careful and don't change entries that you do not understand.

Later Arial added:

I've downloaded a free program some time ago called MailWasher that helps you to fight against these unwanted mails. It's connected with a database in which there is a list of common spams and viruses. It prevents you from downloading these type of messages to your computer, saving time and tears (in the case of a virus). I'm using it every time I have to download my mails.

So, this is a faster than making rules for each spam you don't want to download (because it's impossible to know everyone).


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