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Submitting Code
If you want to submit code for the VB Helper Web site, read these rules carefully.
  1. Keep it simple. The easier it is for me to review, the more likely it is that I'll have time.
  2. Use Winzip to zip the project files all together and send them as a binary email attachment. Do not uuencode anything.
  3. No OCXs, DLLs, EXEs, or other compiled code. I won't look at any of those. Source code and text only.
  4. All submissions become property of Rocky Mountain Computer Consulting, Inc. and I get to do whatever I want with them. That really just means you're giving me permission to post them.
  5. Don't submit anything made for an employer without their permission. Write a new program that demonstrates a technique rather than sending in code you don't own.
  6. Include your name and email address as you want them to appear in the Readme.txt file and any acknowledgements. If you want to remain anonymous, say so.
  7. Be patient. Sometimes I get very busy and it may be a week or more before I have a chance to review submissions.
  8. When you have everything zipped up, send it to
New Most Wanted List
Beginning Intermediate Advanced
Submit an Example

Download all examples as of 6/26/2001

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