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Site Map
This page gives an overview of the major sections in the VB Helper Web site.
Site Map
This map of the VB Helper Web site.
By Rod Stephens
Reviews, tables of contents, pictures, updates, and patches for books by Rod Stephens.
Bug Proofing Visual Basic
Error prevention, detection, and eradication in Visual Basic. A must for any serious developer.
Ready-To-Run Delphi 3.0 Algorithms
The Delphi version of the popular Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Algorithms. Sorting, searching, hashing, etc. all implemented in Delphi.
Ready-To-Run Visual Basic Algorithms, Second Edition
Algorithms in Visual Basic. Sorting, searching, hashing, etc. A valuable reference.
Custom Controls Library
101 ActiveX controls demonstrating a wide variety of techniques like image processing, data input, control containment, etc.
Advanced Visual Basic Techniques
Advanced programming techniques such as print preview, most recent file (MRU) lists, splash screens, password protection, database manipulation, etc.
Visual Basic Graphics Programming
An invaluable graphics reference. Two- and three-dimensional graphics, printing, font manipulation, animation, image processing, fractals, etc.
About the Author
A bit about Rod Stephens for the curious.
Recommended Reading
Books I particularly recommend.
Visual Basic Books
Visual Basic books.
Some particularly useful magazines.
Tips & Tricks
Brief tips in paragraph form for using Visual Basic effectively.
How To
Free example programs you can download that demonstrate important programming techniques. This page lists new entries. The following pages list older programs.
How To - Beginning
Archive of straightforward example programs.
How To - Intermediate
Archive of more complex programs including those using API functions.
How To - Advanced
Archive of advanced programs including very complex algorithms and the most complicated API functions.
Free Stuff
Free ActiveX controls, programs, and games you can download.
Essays and opinions about software development.
Links to other useful Visual Basic Web sites.
Interesting pictures produced using Visual Basic.
VB Guru Award
Information about the VB Guru Award. See if you qualify for it here.
Awards Received
Awards VB Helper has won.
Information on VB Helper news letter.
Send feedback and suggestions.
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