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These pictures were generated by the programs in Visual Basic Graphics Programing, or by its readers.
Color Ray Tracing Ray Tracing Knots
Fractals Surfaces Image Processing
Curves Colorado Photos

Weird 3-D Pictures by Modesty

Modesty has generated POV files using Visual Basic. POV generates the 3-D picture.
9 shapes (my favorite) (81 K)
View this one with 3-D glasses (still remarkable without them) (65 K)
Wallpaper covered in small shapes (230 K)

Color Ray Tracing

By Rod Stephens:
Big blue marble (45 K)
Graphics evolution (26 K)
Two overlapping (5 K)
Four overlapping (8 K)
Big and small (6 K)
Six orbiting (9 K)
Six overlapping (9 K)
Frosty (6 K)

Ray Tracing

By Rod Stephens:
Lattice in space (34 K)
Reflective lattice in space (42 K)
Reflective lattice on plane (47 K)
Reflective lattice on more reflective plane (50 K)
27 non-reflective spheres (34 K)
27 reflective spheres (46 K)
Half-silvered mirror with 2 spheres (11 K)
Sphere and squares (15 K)
Jack (17 K)
Transparent ball (19 K)
Dumbell (22 K)
Sphere and cylinder with stripes (23 K)


By Steven Abbott (
Three interlaced knots head-on (15 K)
Three interlaced knots at an angle (22 K)
Eight knots intertwined (26 K)
By Jon Hawkes (
Seven metallic knots (51 K)
"May your quest be fruitful" (63 K)


By Mike Rossouw:
Broid Leaf (17 K)
Blue Star (30 K)
Vortex (26 K)
Spiny Lobster (32 K)
Constellation (24 K)
Twin Stars (23 K)
Reaching Leaves (59 K)
Crowding the Edge (24 K)
Metal Dragon (14 K)
Meltdown (28 K)
By Rod Stephens:
Random tree (5 K)
Hilbert curve (4 K)
The chaos game (10 K)
Mandelbrot set 1 (28 K)
Mandelbrot set 2 (46 K)
Mandelbrot set 3 (49 K)
Julia set 1 (12 K)
Julia set 2 (13 K)
Julia set 3 (17 K)
By John Stalcup:
Cool (22 K)
Platinum (39 K)
Bars (45 K)


By Rod Stephens:
Fractal valley landscape (30 K)
Fractal surface (9 K)
Parametric surface (4 K)
Surface of transformation (3 K)

Image Processing

By Rod Stephens:
A pixel averaged image (33 K)
An embossed image (80 K)
A composite image (50 K)


By Rod Stephens:
Bowditch curve (4 K)
Cycloid (6 K)
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