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These are books I think every Visual Basic programmer should read. Programmers using other languages should read the non-Visual Basic specific books, too. Some of these books present examples in other languages, but the concepts are easy to translate into Visual Basic.

Software Engineering Advanced Programming
User Interfaces Creativity

The links in the descriptions below lead to more information and Amazon.com's secure online ordering system. You will get the Amazon discount if you follow the links.

Software Engineering

Bug Proofing Visual Basic, Level: All, $31.99, 397 pages, paperback
This book teaches programming skills that every Visual Basic developer should have. It explains ways to minimize the number of errors in your programs, methods for exposing errors so they are easy to fix, and techniques for correctly handling unexpected errors that do occur. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Debugging The Development Process, Level: All, $24.95, 183 pages, paperback
This book explains how to keep a software team on track, focused, meeting dealines, and producing a quality product. An excellent discussion of what makes teams work and what make them fail. Required reading for team leaders, managers, and anyone who wants to build an interesting and rewarding work environment. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, Level: All, $28.00, 857 pages, paperback
A seminal work in software construction techniques. Explains real-world considerations for writing maintainable programs. Every programmer and technical manager should read it. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Writing Solid Code: Microsoft's Techniques for Developing Bug-Free C Programs, Level: All, $19.96, 256 pages, paperback
As its title implies, this book explains techniques used by Microsoft to build applications with as few bugs as possible. The author makes a very strong argument that zero defect code is possible and he details the methods you need to follow to achieve this goal. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

The Mythical Man-Month, Level: All, $20.62, 322 pages, paperback
This software engineering classic explains such things as why adding more programmers to a project makes it later, why schedules slip, and why the Tower of Babel fell. It explains good and bad ways to organize large projects. Required reading for all computer professionals including project managers and supervisors. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

201 Principles of Software Development, Level: All, $17.50, 240 pages, hardcover
Gives 201 maxims covering all phases of software development. The maxims are short and easy to understand for programmers and managers alike. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

How to Write for the World of Work, Level: All, $53.20, 559 pages, paperback
A no nonsense guide to how to write clearly and effectively. It covers specific formats like inquiry and response letters, employment letters, custom relation letters, reports, memos, descriptive documentation, etc. This should be required reading for every white-collar worker, especially programmers! [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Advanced Programming

Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Code Library, Level: All, $39.99, 424 pages, paperback with CD-ROM
This book presents 173 detailed example programs demonstrating basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques for solving real-world programming problems. Learn to work with numbers, manipulate databases, handle text, format output, get the most out of ListBox, ComboBox, TabStrip, and other controls, use menus, etc. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Algorithms, Second Edition, Level: Intermediate/Advanced, $49.99, 327 pages, paperback with disk
This book explains important algorithms and data structures for Visual Basic programmers. Studying algorithms is an important way to learn new, more advanced programming techniques once you have learned the basics. Many universities require algorithms classes for second year computer science majors. [ Learn more - Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, Level: Advanced, $32.35, 395 pages, hardcover
This book describes advanced object-oriented paradigms for performing common tasks such as enumerating the items in a data structure. The examples are in C++ and Smalltalk, but the concepts translate easily into Visual Basic. A thought provoking book that will stretch your object-oriented programming skills. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

User Interfaces

Art of Human-Computer Interface Design, Level: Intermediate, $31.96, 523 pages, paperback
A collection of papers by the people at Apple. The papers cover some very interesting topics not covered by other books including techniques for observing users, lessons from kids, learning from computer game design, and interface agents. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

The Design of Everyday Things, Level: All, $12.76, 257 pages, paperback
This fascinating book describes user interface issues that arise in every day objects like doorknobs and microwave ovens. Thought provoking reading that will give you new insights in how users percieve your applications. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]


A Whack on the Side of the Head, Level: All, $11.99, 196 pages, paperback
This is one of the more optional books on this list. It contains mental excercises for increasing creative thinking. Creative thinking is essential to becoming an expert programmer! [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Every good programmer I know has a sense of humor. I won't list specific books here, though you can find some of my favorites by clicking here.

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