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  • Converter.net. Executable that converts VB6 files to work with VB5. Click here to see how to do this manually.
  • Elementool. Web-based bug tracking. Basic (free), Advanced ($39.99/month), or Professional ($59.99/month) versions.
  • Varadero by Abaco Mobile. A thin-client tool for building applications for mobile devices (WinCE, PocketPC, Palm) using VB.
  • FRX Split. Extracts pictures (ANI, BMP, GIF, ICO, etc.) from FRX files. $9.95.
  • Print Preview. Thierry Waty's Print Preview control version 4.0. $30 now, $99 after August 1.
  • VConstructor. Freeware tool that helps make new Visual Basic methods, property procedures, classes, etc. It creates a stub with declarations and comments. You fill in the code.
  • SCML Software. Three ActiveX controls: SCMLlabelPrinter previews and prints labels ($139), SCML RTF Printer previews and prints RTF text (Free), and TRANSBO shipping cost calculator ($199).
  • Visual Bitmap Library. A freeware ActiveX component that lets you create and edit bitmaps in memory.
  • BugTrapper. A bug trapping and tracking product.
  • MB ActiveX Gallery. A collection of 15 ActiveX controls for $49. (See also my book Custom Controls Library which includes 101 ActiveX controls).
  • SOAPtoolset.com. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a relativly recent Web technology that lets clients on the network invoke Web services on your site. This Web site has a SOAP toolkit to make building Web services easier. (It also has a really annoying ad so put a sticky note on the upper right part of your screen ;-)
  • Procruit.com. A consulting site that matches IT professionals with project-based work.
  • HALLoGRAM Publishing. More than 250 VB add-on products. Print bar codes, ChartFX, CommTools, DynaZIP, etc.
  • Advanced VBA Password Recovery. A program that recovers lost passwords for Word, Excel, etc.
  • Project Guide - 2000 with new Master Wizard technology is a set of VB6 Add-Ins that lets you navigate through VB projects and create VB Wizards using VBScript. Some wizards are available.
  • TX Text Control. A royalty free word processing control that handles MS Word, HTML and RTF documents. It is fast, compact, and compatible with Microsoft's TextBox control, but also offers the functions of a WYSIWYG word processor. Version 8.0 is now available. Prices from US $439 to US $949. Upgrade from version 7.5 for $249 and up.
  • Asynchrony. At this site, you can join project teams and complete a project. The site markets the result and pays project members (though they have not yet finished their first product).
  • shopforacomputer.com An online computer shoopping directory with lots of links to programming sites, shareware/freeware sites, hardware, software, etc.
  • CodeBase 6. A high-performance database engine and other database development tools.
  • Polar Draw. An ActiveX drawing control.
  • VideoEdge. Training videos and CD-ROMs for Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, GoldMine Software, and soon SQL. Download sample lessons for free to see if you like them.
  • JustVBJobs.com. The name says it all. A job site for VB programmers.
  • Graphics Server. Graphics Server is a replacement for Visual Basic's MSChart control. I have evaluated versions of this product for the annual VBPJ buyer's review, and it is pretty powerful. Download a free evaluation copy at GraphicsServer.com. Named PC Magazine Editors' Choice.
  • SetFocus. Consultants hiring and for hire. If you want to work for them, they have a deal where they train you and then get you your first consulting job.
  • Jobs For Programmers. Search for jobs in C++, Visual Basic, Java, etc. Online resumes.
  • Richard Grier's home page.
  • Baarns resource center.
  • Crescent. Visual programming tools. Visual Intercept, Applet Designer, VersionStamper, etc.
  • Desaware. VB Tools. SpyWorks, StorageTools, etc.
  • FMS. Microsoft Access products. Total Access CodeTools, Total Access Detective, etc.
  • Softworks VBVM. A Visual Basic Virtual Machine that allows you to run VB executables on UNIX machines.
  • ObjectText. Text search tools.

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