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TitleWrite Split and Join functions for VB 5
DescriptionThis example shows how to write Split and Join functions for VB 5. The Split function uses InStr to break a string into pieces.
KeywordsSplit, Join, VB5
VB5 doesn't have Split and Join functions so you need to write your own.

The VB5Split subroutine chops its input text into pieces. While the input has non-zero length, the program uses InStr to find the next delimiter. If it doesn't find a delimiter, it uses the whole input string as the next array entry. If it finds a delimiter, it adds the next piece to the array and then removes it and the delimiter from the input string.

' Split txt into pieces and return them in an array.
Public Sub VB5Split(ByVal txt As String, ByVal delimiter As _
    String, result() As String)
Dim num_items As Integer
Dim pos As Integer

    num_items = 0
    Do While Len(txt) > 0
        ' Make room for the next piece.
        num_items = num_items + 1
        ReDim Preserve result(1 To num_items)

        ' Find the next piece.
        pos = InStr(txt, delimiter)
        If pos = 0 Then
            ' There are no more delimiters.
            ' Use the rest.
            result(num_items) = txt
            txt = ""
            ' Use this piece.
            result(num_items) = Mid$(txt, 1, pos - 1)
            txt = Mid$(txt, pos + Len(delimiter))
        End If
End Sub
The VB5Join function loops through an array of strings and concatenates them, inserting a delimiter before each entry. This adds a delimiter at the beginning of the string so the code finishes by removing this initial delimiter.
' Join the strings using the delimiter.
Public Function VB5Join(strings() As String, ByVal _
    delimiter As String) As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim result As String

    result = ""
    For i = LBound(strings) To UBound(strings)
        result = result & delimiter & strings(i)
    Next i

    ' Remove the initial delimiter.
    If Len(result) > 0 Then result = Mid$(result, _
        Len(delimiter) + 1)
    VB5Join = result
End Function
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