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TitleUse a program to merge PDF files in Visual Basic 6
DescriptionThis example shows how to use a program to merge PDF files in Visual Basic 6.
KeywordsPDF, merge PDF
CategoriesWindows, Files and Directories
This is a PDF file merging application written by Patrice Goyer (thanks Patrice). Here's his description:

PdfMerger is a fully fledged application that will concatenate simple PDF documents (typically most of PDF files generated with the open source software "PDF Creator").

Essential features:

  • in dialog mode : concatenation of 2 PDF files
  • menu enabling to concatenate all PDF files in a directory, with sorting options
  • Drag and Drop supported
  • "send to" supported (provided a shortcut to Pdfmerger is manually added in the user's "SendTo" directory)
  • a directory can be "sent to" PdfMerger for concatenating all the PDF files in that directory
  • possibility to change the TEMP directory
  • automatic localization of the PDF reader on the computer (if any)
  • suppression of the PDF identifier (this feature can easily be disabled)
  • PDF date forced to a fixed value (this feature can easily be disabled)
  • operates only on the physical structure of the document (physical pages)
  • encryption is NOT supported
  • ...

Although PdfMerger is written in VB6 (with most comments in French), some programming tricks (including some from your books or Web site) may still be valuable to some VB programmers.

You may distribute Pdfmerger on the "VB Helper" portal, with no warranty.

Thanks again, Patrice!

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