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TitleList top-level tasks
Keywordstasks, list tasks, top-level tasks
CategoriesWindows, Software Engineering
Thanks to Matt Hernandez.

Use the GetWindow API function to enumerate the system's windows looking for visible top-level windows.

Use GetWindow to get the first desktop child window. Use GetWindow to iterate through the windows. Ignore those without titles, those that are invisible, those that are owned by another window, and ProgMan.

Sub ListToplevelWindows(ByVal lst As ListBox)
    Dim hwndFirstTopLevel As Long
    hwndFirstTopLevel = GetWindow(GetDesktopWindow, _
    Call FindTopLevelWindows(hwndFirstTopLevel, lst)
End Sub

Function WindowTextFromWnd(ByVal hwnd As Long) As String
    'Receives a handle to a window and returns the window
    ' text from that window as a string
    Dim WTextLen As Integer
    Dim sTitle As String
    Dim Caption As String
    Caption = String$(500, 0)
    txlen = GetWindowTextLength(hwnd)
    WTextLen = GetWindowText(hwnd, Caption, txlen + 1)
    sTitle = Left$(Caption, WTextLen)
    WindowTextFromWnd = sTitle
End Function

Sub FindTopLevelWindows(hwnd As Long, ByVal lst As ListBox)
    Dim chkBlank As Boolean, chkInvisible As Boolean, _
        chkOwned As Boolean
    Dim count As Integer, szWindowText As String
    'This basic idea for this function was on the MSDN
    ' Library CD...
    ' from the book "Hardcore Visual Basic". It was called
    ' "RefreshTopWinList",
    ' and it used to add all windows that match a certain
    ' criteria to a list,
    ' but I tweaked it some for this example
    chkBlank = False
    chkInvisible = False
    chkOwned = True
    count = 0
    Do While hwnd <> 0&
        ' Determine whether to display titled, visible, and
        ' unowned
        If IsVisibleTopWnd(hwnd, chkBlank, chkInvisible, _
            chkOwned) Then
            szWindowText = WindowTextFromWnd(hwnd)
            ' This condition is simply to exclude "this"
            ' program and Progman...but do as you like
            If szWindowText <> "ListTopLevel" And _
                szWindowText <> "Program Manager" Then
                lst.AddItem szWindowText
            End If
            hwnd = GetWindow(hwnd, GW_HWNDNEXT)
        End If
        ' Get next child
        hwnd = GetWindow(hwnd, GW_HWNDNEXT)
End Sub

Function IsVisibleTopWnd(hwnd As Long, _
                Optional IgnoreEmpty As Boolean = False, _
                Optional IgnoreVisible As Boolean = False, _
                Optional IgnoreOwned As Boolean = False) _
                As Boolean
    'This function was on the MSDN Library CD in the book
    ' "Hardcore Visual Basic",
    ' and I don't think changed it at all
    If IgnoreEmpty Or WindowTextFromWnd(hwnd) <> "" Then
        If IgnoreVisible Or IsWindowVisible(hwnd) Then
            If IgnoreOwned Or GetWindow(hwnd, GW_OWNER) = _
                0& Then
                IsVisibleTopWnd = True
            End If
        End If
    End If
End Function
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