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TitleDraw simple objects (rectangle, circle, etc.) and let the user click them
Keywordsdrawing, object, rectangle, circle
CategoriesGraphics, Software Engineering
Use a different class for each type of object. Store them in a Collection.

Each class should provide a Draw method. The following code shows how the program draws the objects.

' Redraw all objects.
Private Sub Redraw()
Dim obj As Object


    For Each obj In m_DrawingObjects
    Next obj
End Sub
Each object should also provide an IsAt function that returns True if the object is at a specific point. How IsAt works depends on the type of shape. The following code shows how the program finds the object the user clicks.
Private Sub picCanvas_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As _
    Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
    ' See what we are doing.
    Select Case m_State
        Case state_None          ' Not drawing.
            ' Select the object at (X, Y).
            SelectObject ObjectAt(X, Y)

        Case Else
            ' If this is the left button,
            ' start drawing the new object.
            ' Set drawing parameters for drawing
            ' the new object.
            With picCanvas
                .DrawMode = vbInvert
                .FillStyle = vbFSTransparent
                .DrawWidth = 1
            End With

            m_Drawing = True
            m_FirstX = X
            m_FirstY = Y
            m_LastX = X
            m_LastY = Y
    End Select
End Sub

' Find the object at this position.
Private Function ObjectAt(ByVal X As Single, ByVal Y As _
    Single) As Object
Dim i As Integer

    ' See if an object is here. Look from top
    ' to bottom.
    For i = m_DrawingObjects.Count To 1 Step -1
        If m_DrawingObjects(i).IsAt(X, Y) Then Exit For
    Next i

    If i > 0 Then
        Set ObjectAt = m_DrawingObjects(i)
        Set ObjectAt = Nothing
    End If
End Function
Other routines manipulate the selected object (for example, delete it or change its position in the stacking order), draw objects, etc. See the code for details.
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