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TitleGet a sorted list of files in a directory using Dir and Quicksort
Keywordsdirectory, dir, sorted, quicksort
CategoriesAlgorithms, Files and Directories
Use Dir$ to get the list of files. Then use Quicksort to sort the list.
' Return an array containing the names of the
' files in the directory sorted alphabetically.
Private Function SortedFiles(ByVal dir_path As String, _
    Optional ByVal exclude_self As Boolean = True, Optional _
    ByVal exclude_parent As Boolean = True) As String()
Dim num_files As Integer
Dim files() As String
Dim file_name As String

    file_name = Dir$(dir_path)
    Do While Len(file_name) > 0
        ' See if we should skip this file.
        If Not _
            (exclude_self And file_name = ".") Or _
            (exclude_parent And file_name = "..") _
            ' Save the file.
            num_files = num_files + 1
            ReDim Preserve files(1 To num_files)
            files(num_files) = file_name
        End If

        ' Get the next file.
        file_name = Dir$()

    ' Sort the list of files.
    Quicksort files, 1, num_files

    ' Return the list.
    SortedFiles = files
End Function

' Use Quicksort to sort a list of strings.
' This code is from the book "Ready-to-Run
' Visual Basic Algorithms" by Rod Stephens.
' http://www.vb-helper.com/vba.htm
Private Sub Quicksort(list() As String, ByVal min As Long, _
    ByVal max As Long)
Dim mid_value As String
Dim hi As Long
Dim lo As Long
Dim i As Long

    ' If there is 0 or 1 item in the list,
    ' this sublist is sorted.
    If min >= max Then Exit Sub

    ' Pick a dividing value.
    i = Int((max - min + 1) * Rnd + min)
    mid_value = list(i)

    ' Swap the dividing value to the front.
    list(i) = list(min)

    lo = min
    hi = max
        ' Look down from hi for a value < mid_value.
        Do While list(hi) >= mid_value
            hi = hi - 1
            If hi <= lo Then Exit Do
        If hi <= lo Then
            list(lo) = mid_value
            Exit Do
        End If

        ' Swap the lo and hi values.
        list(lo) = list(hi)

        ' Look up from lo for a value >= mid_value.
        lo = lo + 1
        Do While list(lo) < mid_value
            lo = lo + 1
            If lo >= hi Then Exit Do
        If lo >= hi Then
            lo = hi
            list(hi) = mid_value
            Exit Do
        End If

        ' Swap the lo and hi values.
        list(hi) = list(lo)

    ' Sort the two sublists.
    Quicksort list, min, lo - 1
    Quicksort list, lo + 1, max
End Sub
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