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TitleCopy, cut, and paste pieces of a picture
Keywordscopy, cut, paste, Clipboard, image, picture, piece, section, area, region
CategoriesTips and Tricks, Graphics
To copy a piece of a picture to the Clipboard, use PaintPicture to copy the piece to a hidden PictureBox. Then use the clipboard object's Clear and SetData methods to copy the picture.

To paste a piece of a picture, use the Clipboard's GetData method to get the image and paste it into a hidden PictureBox. Then use PaintPicture to copy it where you want it.

In this program, uUse the left mouse button to click and drag to select an area in a picture. Right click on a picture to get a context menu allowing Copy, Cut, and Paste. Pastes puts the picture in the upper left corner of the area selected.

To learn more about graphics in Visual Basic, see my book Visual Basic Graphics Programming.

' Copy the selected region to the clipboard.
Private Sub mnuCopy_Click()
    ' Make sure X1 <= X2 and Y1 <= Y2.

    ' Copy the selected area into picTemp.
    picTemp.Width = X2(SelPic) - X1(SelPic) + 1
    picTemp.Height = Y2(SelPic) - Y1(SelPic) + 1
    picTemp.PaintPicture _
        picCanvas(SelPic).Picture, _
        0, 0, X2(SelPic) - X1(SelPic) + 1, Y2(SelPic) - _
            Y1(SelPic) + 1, _
        X1(SelPic), Y1(SelPic), X2(SelPic) - X1(SelPic) + _
            1, Y2(SelPic) - Y1(SelPic) + 1

    ' Copy to the clipboard.
    Clipboard.SetData picTemp.Image, vbCFBitmap
End Sub

Private Sub mnuCut_Click()
    ' Copy the picture to the clipboard.
    ' Erase this part of the image.
    picCanvas(SelPic).Line _
        (X1(SelPic), Y1(SelPic))-(X2(SelPic), Y2(SelPic)), _
        picCanvas(SelPic).BackColor, BF
End Sub

' Paste whatever is in the clipboard at (X1, Y1).
Private Sub mnuPaste_Click()
    ' Make sure an image exists. This will happen
    ' if the clipboard does not contain a bitmap
    ' and the user presses ^V.
    If Not Clipboard.GetFormat(vbCFBitmap) Then Exit Sub
    ' Make sure X1 <= X2 and Y1 <= Y2.
    picTemp.AutoSize = True
    picTemp.Picture = Clipboard.GetData(vbCFBitmap)
    picTemp.AutoSize = False

    picCanvas(SelPic).PaintPicture _
        picTemp.Picture, _
        X1(SelPic), Y1(SelPic), _
        picTemp.ScaleWidth, picTemp.ScaleHeight, _
        0, 0, picTemp.ScaleWidth, picTemp.ScaleHeight

    ' Make the picture part of the background.
    picCanvas(SelPic).Picture = picCanvas(SelPic).Image
End Sub
Formatted by Neil Crosby
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