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TitleUse WMI to get lots of information about the computer system in Visual Basic 2005
DescriptionThis example shows how to use WMI to get lots of information about the computer system in Visual Basic 2005.
KeywordsWMI, Visual Basic 2005, AdminPasswordStatus, AutomaticManagedPagefile, AutomaticResetBootOption, AutomaticResetCapability, BootOptionOnLimit, BootOptionOnWatchDog, BootROMSupported, BootupState, Caption, ChassisBootupState, CreationClassName, CurrentTimeZone, DaylightInEffect, Description, DNSHostName, Domain, DomainRole, EnableDaylightSavingsTime, FrontPanelResetStatus, InfraredSupported, InitialLoadInfo, InstallDate, KeyboardPasswordStatus, LastLoadInfo, Manufacturer, Model, Name, NameFormat, NetworkServerModeEnabled, NumberOfLogicalProcessors, NumberOfProcessors, OEMLogoBitmap, OEMStringArray, PartOfDomain, PauseAfterReset, PCSystemType, PowerManagementCapabilities, PowerManagementSupported, PowerOnPasswordStatus, PowerState, PowerSupplyState, PrimaryOwnerContact, PrimaryOwnerName, ResetCapability, ResetCount, ResetLimit, Roles, Status, SupportContactDescription, SystemStartupDelay, SystemStartupOptions, SystemStartupSetting, SystemType, ThermalState, TotalPhysicalMemory, UserName, WakeUpType, Workgroup
CategoriesAPI, Windows
When the program starts, it executes the query WMI "SELECT * FROM Win32_OperatingSystem." It loops through the results and calls subroutine GetValue for each of the many system parameters that should be available. The following code shows just a couple of the GetValue calls.
Dim os_searcher As New ManagementObjectSearcher("SELECT * " & _
    "FROM Win32_OperatingSystem")
For Each mobj As ManagementObject In os_searcher.Get()
    GetValue(mobj, "AdminPasswordStatus")
    GetValue(mobj, "AutomaticManagedPagefile")
    GetValue(mobj, "AutomaticResetBootOption")
Next mobj
Subroutine GetValue fetches a property by name from the ManagementObject and adds its name and value to a ListView control.
Private Sub GetValue(ByVal mobj As ManagementObject, ByVal _
    property_name As String)
    Dim value As String
        value = mobj(property_name).ToString()
    Catch ex As Exception
        value = "*** Error: " & ex.Message
    End Try

End Sub
This example fetches these properties:

  • AdminPasswordStatus
  • AutomaticManagedPagefile
  • AutomaticResetBootOption
  • AutomaticResetCapability
  • BootOptionOnLimit
  • BootOptionOnWatchDog
  • BootROMSupported
  • BootupState
  • Caption
  • ChassisBootupState
  • CreationClassName
  • CurrentTimeZone
  • DaylightInEffect
  • Description
  • DNSHostName
  • Domain
  • DomainRole
  • EnableDaylightSavingsTime
  • FrontPanelResetStatus
  • InfraredSupported
  • InitialLoadInfo
  • InstallDate
  • KeyboardPasswordStatus
  • LastLoadInfo
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Name
  • NameFormat
  • NetworkServerModeEnabled
  • NumberOfLogicalProcessors
  • NumberOfProcessors
  • OEMLogoBitmap
  • OEMStringArray
  • PartOfDomain
  • PauseAfterReset
  • PCSystemType
  • PowerManagementCapabilities
  • PowerManagementSupported
  • PowerOnPasswordStatus
  • PowerState
  • PowerSupplyState
  • PrimaryOwnerContact
  • PrimaryOwnerName
  • ResetCapability
  • ResetCount
  • ResetLimit
  • Roles
  • Status
  • SupportContactDescription
  • SystemStartupDelay
  • SystemStartupOptions
  • SystemStartupSetting
  • SystemType
  • ThermalState
  • TotalPhysicalMemory
  • UserName
  • WakeUpType
  • Workgroup
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