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VB Guru Award Winners
This award is given to high quality sites that provide intermediate and advanced Visual Basic information. Click here to see the criteria used to select sites and to see if your site qualifies.
VB by JC 81 A very nice set of intermediate and advanced examples covering a wide variety of topics. A goood place to dig around.
VB Frood 82 Another great collection of intermediate and advanced examples. Well worth a visit!
Visual Basic 4 All 78 A nice collection of examples including a tutorial on Web programming with using VB and CGI plus a place to post questions. 82 A growing assortment of tutorials and code samples.
VB Web 81 A lot of very good beginner and intermediate tutorials, example programs, and book reviews. A very nice site!
The Programmer's Guild 72 A growing site with several tutorials and examples you can download.
Add to Your Programming Knowledge 78 Tips, tutorials, downloads, and more. 85 A couple hundred code samples demonstrating beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques. An excellent resource!
The VB Forum 70 A small site with high quality tips, tricks, and shareware/freeware.
vbCode Magician 81 A great site with lots of interesting code snippets.
The Agent LaunchPad 67 This site explains how to use Microsoft Agents (like Clippy who helps you in Word). The site's score is low because it is so specialized. If you want to use agents, this is a great place to start.
Visual Basic Tower of Magic 68 A smallish site with some useful examples and tutorials, and a fantasy theme.
Cyberia ** A site with some interesting downloads including a periodic table, calculator, 10-finger typing trainer, and a Yahtzee game.
Chuck Easttom's VB World 73 This site started as a beginner's site but has expanded considerably.
Visual Basic Tips and Tricks ** A very nice Italian site with lots of examples.
VBQuery ** A HUGE Visual Basic search engine.
vbAccelerator 88 An excellent collection of advanced tips, tricks, controls, and projects including a control that lets you display popup menus with icons and text effortlessly. This site is a MUST SEE!
Andrea VB Programming and Free Downloads 75 A large collection of advanced code snippets including printer routines (check number of jobs on a specific printer, justify text, etc.), file tips, registry code, and much more.
Professor Smiley's Visual Basic Website 80 Interesting projects and exercises, links, and information about education.
Andy's Visual Basic Page 73 A growing site with examples, descriptions of a bunch of VB functions, etc.
VB Library 78 Lots of useful example projects.
Paul Duffield's Visual Basic Resources 76 Example projects, ActiveX controls, shareware and freeware.
Yet Another Programming Site 75 A handful of Visual Basic downloads plus some VBScript and JavaScript.
Extreme VB 78 Another site with code samples, a few tutorials, etc.
Smithvoice VBFun 67 Don't let the low score fool you. This is a very small site, but has some advice well worth reading.
Visual Basic Emporium 76 Tips and sample code. Not a huge amount, but some interesting stuff I have not seen elsewhere.
VB-World 82 Tips, sample programs, a discussion group, some book reviews. I could not get the sample projects to download, though.
ShrinkWrap VB 80 Lots of downloads, tips, examples, and OCXs. A particular focus on video, capture, etc. High quality stuff.
Visual Basic Project Management Journal ** A unique site dedicated to project management issues. Book reviews, discussions, and articles about controlling Visual Basic development.
Duek Web Page 76 A good selection of samples, tip, and tricks. I particularly like the example that associates a file extension with a program. 85 A huge number of code snippets. If you like VB Helper, you will probably like this site. Check it out!
Gelowitz Visual Basic Code Source 76 A growing collection of downloads and sample source code.
The KPD-Homepage 85 A great site that's fast, friendly, and full of useful code examples.
Visual Basic Forum * This site is in Norwegian so I cannot really judge it fairly, but it seems to contain a lot of material. A fair number of interesting tips and examples.
Kurtz's Computer Software Development Library 70 A new site dedicated to the design and development process. Different from the other programming sites you'll find.
Visual Basic Galaxy * This site is in Italian so I cannot really judge it fairly, but it seems to contain a lot of material.
Visual Basic Bakery 80 Tips, tricks, some simple tutorials, a few games, some ActiveX controls,... a bit of everything.
Shay's Visual Basic Corner 76 A fair bit of interesting material including a Top-Ten List of Programming Sins. A bit hard to navigate, though.
Visual Basic Web Directory ** Normally I don't give awards to link sites, but this one is awesome. Thousands of links grouped in new and improved categories. An awesome resource!
Zarr's VB Web Site 85 A large site with lots of information. Source code, news, favorite Knowledge Base articles, and more.
GD's Domain 76 Download small samples. Lots of intermediate and advanced tips including API stuff.
Advanced Visual Basic 80 Lots of books reviews. Links to interesting articles.
VB Net 90 Tips, tutorials, and a great code library. Worth a visit just to enjoy its visual appeal. A top notch site!
VB Area 80 Lots of downloads, tips, and advice. Well worth a look!
Stars VB Page 71 Downloads, tutorials, etc.
Beyond The Basics Of Visual Basic 74 Advanced downloads. A few book recommendations. Career information.
JP & ML's Visual Basic and Corel Draw Place 74 Q & A, Tutorials, Downloads, etc. for VB and Corel Draw. Small but promising.
The Visual Basic Cell 85 Lots of examples, source code downloads, tutorials, etc.
vbhelp.NET 80 Lots of tutorials and examples for beginners.
Voodoo VB 80 Tutorials and examples using DirectX, DirectDraw, DirectSound, and other direct technologies. If you want high performance graphics, you will need to learn this stuff sooner or later.
VB Sources and OCX Shareware 90 Lots of shareware downloads: Print preview OCX, gradient titlebars, enumerate networks, etc. Thierry does not answer questions on his Web site, but he is an active participant at the Experts Exchange.
One-Stop SourceShop 85 A collection of code from noted author Karl E. Peterson has written over the years. A great source for production-quality code.
The Visual Basic User Group UK 83 Tips, tricks, tutorials, and sample code. A particularly nice electronic magazine.
Win32 Programming Realm 80 Tips & tricks, sample code, and tutorials. Mostly information on the Windows API and DirectX. A nice site.
Compu-Tel Visual Basic Projects 70 Contains a nice step-by-step introduction for beginners as well as other material.
Australian Visual Developers Forum 90 A very nice bimonthly ezine with information on Visual Basic, Delphi, and other visual topics.
Theodore's Visual Basic Site 85 A top rate Visual Basic programming site. Lots of interesting examples, freeware, some games, etc. All in Visual Basic.
Carlo Lissoni's Visual Basic Home Page 80 A small but helpful site in Italian.
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