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Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Algorithms, Second Edition, $35.99, 327 pages, paperback/CD.
The only book on algorithms in Visual Basic. Provides a library of important algorithms ready-to-run in Visual Basic. Updated and expanded for VB 5. [Learn more - Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Introduction to Algorithms, $63.00, 1028 pages, hardcover.
An encyclopedic book that includes most of the non-specialized algorithms I have ever seen. An excellent reference book. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

The Art of Computer Programming: Fundamental Algorithms (Vol 1, 3rd Ed), $49.44, 700 pages, hardcover.
Donald Knuth's seminal work on algorithms. Many consider these volumes to be essential to any complete algorithms library. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

The Art of Computer Programming: Seminumerical Algorithms (Vol 2, 3rd Ed), $49.45, 762 pages, hardcover.
Volume 2 of Donald Knuth's algorithms series. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

The Art of Computer Programming: Sorting and Searching (Vol 3, 2nd Ed), $49.44, 700 pages, hardcover.
Volume 3 of Donald Knuth's algorithms series. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-3 Boxed Set, $134.95, hardcover.
Knuth's whole three-volumes in a boxed set. More than 2100 pages for a savings of about $15 over buying each separately. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Data Structure Techniques, $39.75, 447 pages, paperback.
This algorithm book takes a data-oriented approach. It explains algorithms by analyzing the data structures they use and the code that manipulates those data structures. It covers many of the concepts described in Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Algorithms, Second Edition. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Classical Algorithms in C++, $31.96, 350 pages, paperback with disk.
Covers many of the standard algorithms found in Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Algorithms, Second Edition written in C++. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]


Applied Cryptography, $43.96, 784 pages, paperback.
A cryptographic tour de force. This book is packed with useful algorithms and fascinating history covering all of modern cryptography. One-way hash functions, digital signatures, pseudo-random sequence generation, fair coin flips, digital cash, anonymous broadcasting, key management, public-key encryption, and many more. The appendices include complete source code for 9 algorithms including DES and BLOWFISH. In my library, this book has more pages flagged with sticky notes than all my other books combined. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Applied Cryptography, $69.95, 758 pages, hardcover.
Same as above in hardcover. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Cryptonomicon, $12.80, 918 pages, paperback.
A remarkable novel centered around cryptography in the present and during World War II. A compelling work about code breakers, adventure, and gold. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Numerical Algorithms

Numerical Algorithms in Fortran, $54.95, 963 pages, hardcover.
Serious scientific and numeric algorithms with ready-to-run code in Fortran. Algorithms include linear algebra, interpolation, extrapolation, integration, random numbers, minimization, eigensystems, FFT, statistical analysis, partial differential equations, etc. Visual Basic programmers will find this version easiest to translate. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Numerical Recipes in Pascal, $54.95, hardcover.
Similar to above except the source code is in Pascal. Delphi programmers will find this version easiest to translate. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Numerical Recipes in C, $54.95, 994 pages, hardcover.
Similar to above except the source code is in C. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Mathematical Algorithms in Visual Basic for Scientists & Engineers, $45.00, paperback and disk.
Numerical algorithms in BASIC. Linear equations, non-linear equations, interpolation, differentiation, integration, differential equations, etc. Note: This is the only book on this page that I have not personally reviewed. The review I saw said the algorithms are written in BASIC not Visual Basic. You may need to do some translation to take advantage of the latest language features. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Software Engineering

Now Available!
Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Code Library, Level: All, $39.99, 424 pages, paperback with CD-ROM
This book presents 173 detailed example programs demonstrating basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques for solving real-world programming problems. Learn to work with numbers, manipulate databases, handle text, format output, get the most out of ListBox, ComboBox, TabStrip, and other controls, use menus, etc. [ Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Bug Proofing Visual Basic, $39.99, 397 pages, paperback.
Bug prevention, detection, and eradication! This book teaches programming skills that every Visual Basic developer should have. It explains ways to minimize the number of errors in your programs, methods for exposing errors so they are easy to fix, and techniques for correctly handling unexpected errors that do occur. [ Learn more - Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Beginning VB6 Database Programming, $39.99, 880 pages, paperback.
Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. Beginning VB6 Database Programming is exactly what its title implies. The author uses a careful deliberate pace to introduce beginners to many different aspects of database programming. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Custom Controls Library, $39.99, 576 pages, paperback with CD-ROM.
101 custom controls ready to plug into any program. Everything you need to build custom controls for use in Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++ Builder, VBScript, JavaScript, Visual J++, Java, and Delphi. Includes a working copy of Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition (CCE). [Learn more - Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Advanced Visual Basic Techniques, $31.99, 440 pages, paperback with CD-ROM.
Explains how you can add advanced capabilities to your programs. About dialogs, splash screens, recent file lists, and print previewing, database programming, client/server, ActiveX controls, etc. [Learn more - Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

The Mythical Man-Month, $20.62, 322 pages, paperback.
A software engineering classic. Learn why adding more programmers to a project makes it later. Learn why the Tower of Babel fell. Learn new ways to organize large projects. Required reading for all computer professionals, particularly Dilbert's pointy-haired boss. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, $32.35, 395 pages, hardcover.
This book describes common tasks in object-oriented programming. The examples are in C++ and Smalltalk, but the concepts translate easily into Visual Basic. A thought provoking book that will stretch your object-oriented programming skills. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Debugging The Development Process $24.95, 183 pages, paperback
This book explains how to keep a software team on track, focused, meeting dealines, and producing a quality product. An excellent discussion of what makes teams work and what make them fail. Required reading for team leaders, managers, and anyone who wants to build an interesting and rewarding work environment. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, $28.00, 857 pages, paperback.
A seminal work in software construction techniques. Explains real-world considerations for writing maintainable programs. It is not a coincidence that this books is listed at the top of my list of required reading. Every programmer and technical manager should read it. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Writing Solid Code: Microsoft's Techniques for Developing Bug-Free C Programs, $19.96, 256 pages, paperback.
As its title implies, this book explains techniques used by Microsoft to build applications with as few bugs as possible. The author makes a very strong argument that zero defect code is possible and he details the methods you need to follow to achieve this goal. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

201 Principles of Software Development, $17.50, 240 pages, hardcover.
Gives 201 maxims covering all phases of software development. The maxims are short and easy to understand for programmers and managers alike. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]


Visual Basic Graphics Programming, $39.99, 677 pages, paperback with CD-ROM.
The definitive guide to graphics programming in Visual Basic. This book combines theory with more than 100 example programs to show how you can add powerful graphics to your Visual Basic applications. [Learn more - Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

3D Computer Graphics, Alan Watt, $59.95, 608 pages.
This book starts off fast with three-dimensional computer graphics. It covers many of the more advanced topics covered by Visual Basic Graphics Programming such as lighting models and ray tracing. It also covers shadows, texture mapping, three-dimensional animation, and radiosity. A fantastic book for the advanced graphics programmer. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Digital Image Processing: Principles and Applications, $39.99, 452 pages, paperback with disk.
Explains image processing techniques. Most are powerful yet simple. Covers many of the techniques described in Visual Basic Graphics Programming plus others such as image compression, tomographic imaging, and Fourier transforms. A must for those serious about image processing. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Fractals and Chaos

Fractal Programming in C, $29.95, 583 pages, paperback with disk.
A nice introduction to drawing fractals. The book covers most of the fractals described in Visual Basic Graphics Programming and more. Stock is limited so this title usually ships in 4-6 weeks. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Chaos: Making a New Science, $14.36, 352 pages, paperback.
Introduction to chaos theory. This book concentrates more on the history and mathematics of chaos, though it also has a few interesting pictures. It does not include source code or pseudocode. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Programming Languages

C: A Software Engineering Approach, $44.95, 497 pages, paperback.
An excellent introduction to C programming. Includes a chapter on software design: specification, estimating costs, project management, debugging, testing, performance analysis, and documentation. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

World Wide Web

The Web Design Cookbook, $27.96, 649 pages, paperback with CD-ROM.
A useful introduction to Web programming covering all the basics. This book describes "recipes" you can use as templates for common Web page tasks like tables of contents and indexes. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Web Development, $34.99, 460 pages, paperback.
A more programmatic introduction to Web programming describing HTML, ActiveX, ASP, VBScript, etc. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

User Interface Design

Art of Human-Computer Interface Design, $31.96, 523 pages, paperback.
A collection of papers by the people at Apple. A must for user interface designers. The papers cover some very interesting topics not covered by other books including techniques for observing users, lessons from kids, learning from computer game design, and interface agents. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

The Design of Everyday Things, $12.76, 257 pages, paperback.
Describes user interface issues that arise in every day objects like doorknobs and microwave ovens. Very interesting reading. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]


Even if you do not want to become a writer, you should look over How to Write for the World of Work.

Everyone agrees that writing takes practice. If you ask 10 different writers what else you need, you will get at least 10 different answers. The answers will come from different points of view and each will probably include one or two good points. If you want to be a good writer, you should read as much about writing as possible.

How to Write for the World of Work, $53.20, 559 pages, paperback.
A no nonsense guide to how to write clearly and effectively. It covers specific formats like inquiry and response letters, employment letters, custom relation letters, reports, memos, descriptive documentation, etc. This should be required reading for every white-collar worker, especially programmers! [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Dare to Be a Great Writer, $12.79, 319 pages, paperback.
A list of 329 tips for aspiring fiction writers. Each tip is separate so you can skip throughout the book at will. It is also easy to put down and pick up later without losing your train of thought. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy, $10.49, 140 pages, hardcover.
Useful tips on writing science fiction and fantasy. Also important tips on the mechanics of writing: submitting proposals, workshops, not going crazy, etc. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

How to Write & Sell Your First Novel, $13.59, 256 pages, paperback.
General instruction on how to write different kinds of novels. It has a good section on submissions and a checklist of dos and don'ts. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Creative Thinking

A Whack on the Side of the Head, $11.99, 196 pages, paperback.
Mental excercises for creative thinking. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Creative Whack Pack/Book and Card Deck, $19.20.
As above plus the Whack Pack card deck. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

A Kick in the Seat of the Pants, $12.80, 153 pages, paperback.
More creative thinking exercises. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Nerd Humor

Chalk Up Another One, by Sidney Harris, $8.76, 146 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Einstein Simplified, by Sidney Harris, $7.96, 162 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Big Science, by Nick Downes, $8.76, 120 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Fox Trot

For my money, Fox Trot is the funniest strip around. The author, Bill Amend, is funnier and more consistent than Watterson or Adams. These comics feature the adventures of the Fox family. If you grew up with brothers and sisters, a young computer nerd, or someone who crashed every computer he touched, they will probably strike a familiar chord.

Fox Trot, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Pass the Loot, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Black Bart Says Draw, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Eight Yards, Down and Out, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Welcome to Cactus Flats, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Bury My Heart at Fun-Fun Mountain, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

May the Force be With Us, Please, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Take us to Your Mall, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

The Return of the Lone Iguana, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

At Least This Place Sells T-Shirts, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Come Closer, Roger, There's a Mosquito On Your Nose, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Welcome to Jasorassic Park, $9.95, 127 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]


It's Obvious You Won't Survive by Your Wits Alone, $10.36, 255 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Casual Day Has Gone Too Far, $7.96, 128 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Still Pumped from Using the Mouse, $7.96, 128 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Always Postpone Meetings With Time Wasting Morons, $7.16, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies, $7.16, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Shave the Whales, $7.96, 128 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

Dogbert's Clues for the Clueless, $7.16, 112 pages, paperback. [Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk]

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