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This page leads to free Visual Basic ActiveX controls, programs, and games you can download for your own use as long as you agree to the Rules of Use.
ActiveX Controls Programs Toolkits

ActiveX Controls

About ActiveX controls

TilePuzzle. This control presents a picture in scrambled tiles. Click on tiles next to the hole to rearrange the tiles and reproduce the original picture.
[Download Source Code (56K)] [Try It]

Eyes. This silly control shows two eyes that follow your cursor as you move it around the screen.
[Download Source Code (6K)] [Try It]


PictureSaver. This is a screen saver that displays random pictures of your choosing. Click here for more information and to download it.

Backer. This program randomly changes your Windows desktop background using the files in a directory. It lets you specify the directory and the time between new images. It saves your selections in the registry.
[Download Source Code (3K)]

Viewer. This program quickly displays graphic files. Browse to select the disk drive and directory. Then click on a file name to immediately see the file. This program makes it much easier to find a graphic file in a crowded directory.

MoveFile. This program numbers the files in a directory. You specify the directory, a starting number, and a file prefix, and the program renames all of the files. For example, if the prefix is "Data" and the starting number is 13, the program renames the files Data13, Data14, Data15, etc. The files keep their original extensions.
[Download Source Code (2K)]

SrcToHTM. This program converts Visual Basic source code into a form suitable for displaying on a Web page. It converts special characters such as < into the proper codes (&lt;). When it finds a ' not inside a string, it treats the rest of the line as a comment and makes it bold.
[Download Source Code (4K)]

ViewFile. This program displays the contents of text files quickly. If you press the Delete key, it moves the selected file into the wastebasket. (I wrote this program to help filter out all the extraneous files my mail system left sitting on my disk.)


Array Sorting Toolkit. This toolkit contains subroutines for sorting arrays of Integers, Longs, Singles, Doubles, Strings, and Variants. For more on sorting and other algorithms, see my book Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Algorithms.
[Download Source Code]

Text Manipulation Toolkit. This toolkit contains subroutines for manipulating strings.
  • GetToken
  • NumLetterWords
  • NumSpaceWords
  • ReadFromFile
  • ReplaceSubstring
  • SaveToFile
The file also briefly tells how to use several useful Visual Basic string manipulation functions.
[Download Source Code]
If you have a toolkit you would like to submit, email me.

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