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Which Language Should I Learn?
VB is easier to get started in than other languages. It is relatively simple and straightforward. C++ is much harder. Delphi is a bit harder, but IMHO its strong type checking make you learn better programming habits so it may be a better first language to learn.

As far as limitations, you can do pretty much anything using any language. Delphi and C++ are faster than VB because they produce compiled executables while a VB program must still be at least partly interpreted at run time. For a CPU intensive program, those languages can be as much as 5 times faster. The programs are also smaller and do not require run time libraries like a VB program does.

On the other hand, if your application is limited by database access speed, file processing, displaying a lot of forms, etc. then a VB program may be as fast as the others and will probably be a lot easier to build. And these days programmer time is relatively expensive so it's often more cost effective to buy a faster computer than to write in a faster language.

Finally, learning VB can give you some extra leverage with Microsoft Office applications and Web programming. VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a flavor of VB used as the macro language by Word, Excel, Access, etc. VBScript is another almost identical flavor used for building dynamic Web pages and ASP (Active Server Pages). So if you know VB, you also know these others as well.

Overall I like Delphi, but VB has some strong advantages.

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