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TitleTrouble with WinXP SP2
DescriptionBug: Trouble with WinXP SP2
KeywordsWinXP, SP2, Windows XP
John Mueller has been having some trouble with Visual Studio .NET since he installed WinXP SP2. He could create a few items, but most items displayed an unknown error. Uninstalling and reinstalling .NET didn't help. After a VERY long search, he discovered that WinXP SP2 had unregistered ScrRun.DLL. Running RegSvr32 on ScrRun.DLL fixed the problem.

He has been looking for confirmation for this problem (email him if you have seen something similiar) and meanwhile has uncovered a hots of other problems with WinXP SP2. John lists:

In this particular case, the person lost part of their MSXML installation. Notice that they had the same symptoms as me--the registry settings are simply missing after installing SP2. The files are probably still in their System32 folder (as they were with mine), but SP2 decided that the registry entries weren't needed. This really is incredible.

I even found one message where the person lost the captions from their applications after installing SP2 (I'm not even sure how this could happen).

So far, I haven't found someone else who has precisely the same problem that I did (close, but no cigar). IAE, the list goes on and on (31,700 hits on Google for the search phrase: "Windows XP SP2" Visual Studio .NET). So, it appears that everyone who needs an Internet connection for their development machine has a choice--come up with innovative solutions to make this work or expose their systems to outside influences because they don't have SP2 installed. I did find a few innovative solutions that are already popping up:

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